“Really strong defense makes the offense easy. Most of the trouble in investment management is not because you came just a little short of having superb investment results. It’s because you made a mistake. Knowing how to be selective, you avoid the mistakes.” – Charley Ellis

At Riazzi Rhyne & Swaim Investment Group, our investment philosophy is grounded in the behavioral finance principle of "winning by not losing." We strive to achieve a balance between minimizing downside risk and pursuing portfolio growth to ensure the long-term success of our clients. 

Dynamic Long-Term Focus

As stewards of your financial future, we maintain a dynamic yet long-term perspective in managing portfolios. Our strategy emphasizes global diversification across public markets and the strategic use of private capital and alternative investments for eligible clients. We are not “market timers” and we do not chase narratives, instead we focus on innovation and disruption in various industries to capitalize on diverse investment opportunities. Our unwavering focus on understanding the complexities of the investment landscape guides us as we adapt to changing market conditions.

Discretionary Portfolio Management

Our discretionary approach enables us to make swift decisions and execute strategies that align with our clients' best interests and objectives amidst market fluctuations. This method offers numerous benefits such as shared interests, expanded opportunities, tailored strategies, and reduced costs, enhancing the overall investment experience.


Our investment strategy encompasses a wide range of securities and investment vehicles, including individual equity and fixed income securities, ETFs, mutual funds, private capital opportunities, and other alternative investments tailored for qualified investors. This diverse array allows us to construct finely tuned portfolios that meet each client's unique needs and risk tolerance.

  • Tax Efficiency: We prioritize tax efficiency by considering the impact of taxes on investment returns. Through strategic asset placement, selecting tax-advantaged investments, and implementing tax-reduction strategies where feasible, we aim to minimize tax burdens for our clients.

  • Cost Effectiveness: The foundation of our portfolios prioritizes cost efficiency by strategically utilizing investment vehicles and strategies to lower expenses. We offer eligible clients the opportunity to incorporate private capital or alternative investments to provide diversification and return benefits, despite the higher associated costs.

Client Education

Recognizing the significant impact of portfolio management on the client experience, we are committed to educating our clients. This educational journey aims to ensure clients understand their investments, the rationale behind their strategies, and how these choices align with their individual circumstances. We aim to serve and inform our clients, empowering them to adhere to their investment plans despite market fluctuations and events. Our goal is to help navigate the complexities of investing with clarity and assurance, ensuring they are informed in their financial decisions.

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