We are a team of financial professionals who have a century of combined experience serving broadband clients—your peers, colleagues and friends. Throughout our many years in the business, we have kept one thing paramount: the interest of our clients.

• Over 100 years of combined experience between Financial Advisors.

• Experience in helping the Broadband industry and retirees since 1988.

• Relationships with over 100 different telephone companies across the nation.

• Management of Broadband clients’ general funds, health care trust funds, as well as retirement funds and planning for employees associated with telephone companies.

• National Telecommunications Cooperative Association (NTCA) representing nearly 850 independent, community-based telecommunications companies, honored Joe Rhyne, and Pat Riazzi as recipients of the 2007 NTCA Associate Member Outstanding Achievement Award.*

* The NTCA Associate Member Outstanding Achievement Award was created to honor associate members who have performed extraordinary service for the benefit of the telecommunications industry in conjunction with NTCA membership. The award is presented to an individual currently or previously employed by an associate member company in recognition of effective leadership and long-term involvement in NTCA, along with outstanding accomplishments and contributions on behalf of small telecommunications companies at local, state, and national levels.
• Volunteer and sponsor many events throughout the telecommunications industry, including state association, NTCA, FRS and RWA events.

• Pat Riazzi has served on the Associate Member Advisory Committee (AMAC) for NTCA and has served as a Foundation for Rural Services (FRS) board member. Pat has been a guest speaker during many NTCA conventions.

• Joe Rhyne was a founding board member for the FRS and has served on the AMAC for NTCA.

• Danny Riazzi has served as a board member on the AMAC for NTCA, FRS board, and the FRED Scholarship Committee. He has been a guest speaker at many of the NTCA conventions.

• Patrick Rhyne served on the board for AMAC for NTCA and currently serves on the Rural Wireless Association Membership Committee.

Broadband Investment Services

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Broadband Partial Client List

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